How to get traffic for your web site visits up to 1000 visits per day

1000 visits per day
1000 visits per day

How to get traffic for your visits up to 1000 visits per day

Nowadays the visits are becoming more important for our web, but not all type of visit is valid.

For example in the case of adsense it is important that they look for the visits that do not arrive and leave immediately, Google recognizes it as visits of revote,

Almost it lasts between 60 seconds, so you have some tricks to generate your income with google, it is important

that you have high value visits and that you can get it in some ways, you can get visitors sharing content on facebook, and twetter.

We can search for groups on facebook or create the page that hits and then share our themes on the web, we still have to invest a little in the campaign and the sea on facebook or google, but it is important to start getting traffic.

The suggestions that the children make in the page in facebook that more or less relevant sea like for example to create the name of a company of recognized mark, until having more followers and soon to change the name for what it wants.

An example has created me a page of facebook and I have put the name of apple when I had 80000 followers the change the name for one that belongs to me,

As you know it is not good to leave that name because it is not ours, so as soon as possible change the name for one’s own, since the followers are still there and they will not leave,

There is a very interesting page also that sells you traffic at low prices it takes high value traffic to your web since it does maintain more than 60 seconds in your web and they cost very little,

Up to 1000 visits per day for only 5 us. This week in the week Name of the web in the vip. Ipts. Com

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